Roller Blind w/ Elegant Jacquard Pattern (5021)

Roller Blind w/ Elegant Jacquard Pattern (5021)

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The Roller Blind w/ Elegant Jacquard Pattern is made of high quality polyester fabric that won't fray, treated to resist stains, and have an anti-static finish to minimize dust build-up. This Roller blind comes with a quality aluminum blind's holder.
  • 100% polyester with elegant jacquard pattern;
  • Resist Stain, No Fray, Anti-Static;
  • Double layer;
  • All necessary hardware;
  • One minute installation;
  • 50% Lower Than Marketing Price;
  • Multiple Color, Multiple Size;
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed;
If you have any special needs, Just cotact us. We will work our best for you until you are satisfied.

Q: How can I install it?
A: You have two kinds of installation choices:
1.Inside the window. You can install inside the window to suit the window width.
2.Above the window. You can install it above the window to cover the all windows.
You have the brackets inside and you can finish in one minute.
Q: How can I clean it?
A: You can clean it gently with a soft brush.
Q: What is the real width of the blind?
A: In order the blind can install inside the window, the blind's real width=the listed width-2 inch. For example, if you choose the size of 60"*60" in above list, the real blind width is 60-2=58". So it can fit your windows exactly.
Q: How to choose the size?
A: 1. Measure your windows inner width;
2. Check the blind real width suit your window inner width or not.
Suitable Window Size Exact Blind Size
Window Width Window Height Net Width Net Height
24" 48" 22" 48"
30" 48" 28" 48"
36" 48" 34" 48"
42" 48" 40" 48"
48" 48" 46" 48"
54" 48" 52" 48"
60" 48" 58" 48"
66" 48" 64" 48"
72" 48" 70" 48"
24" 60" 22" 60"
30" 60" 28" 60"
36" 60" 34" 60"
42" 60" 40" 60"
48" 60" 46" 60"
54" 60" 52" 60"
60" 60" 58" 60"
66" 60" 64" 60"
72" 60" 70" 60"
24" 72" 22" 72"
30" 72" 28" 72"
36" 72" 34" 72"
42" 72" 40" 72"
48" 72" 46" 72"
54" 72" 52" 72"
60" 72" 58" 72"
66" 72" 64" 72"
72" 72" 70" 72"

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Recent Reviews

  • By Margaret
  • Verified Buyer
  • February 7, 2019

We just wanted something to put up temporarily after a reno while we decided what we were going to end up with. I had spent hours looking all over for decently priced blinds and finally found these! Better price than even Amazon.ca!



  • By Kim
  • Verified Buyer
  • December 16, 2018

The hardest part about installing these blinds is removing the previous ones. There are only 2 brackets and you just have to put them up evenly...doesn't matter where because the blind snaps in all along the track.
It is so easy that, if there were some bright and cheery designs, I would buy another set to put up in Spring. Just snap off these ones and snap on the next season's blinds.
Highly recommend.


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