There is no doubt that the biggest consideration you have to make before purchasing your first soaker tub is whether you really need it. If you indeed do, the next question should be; can I afford ...

2017-04-11 4:55:15 AM

If you have a freestanding bathtub in your house, you can create a perfect ambient for relaxing and having a time for yourself. If you still don’t have one stand-alone soaking tub, c...

2017-04-06 12:02:31 AM

If you're planning to get a new free standing bathroom vanity for your bathroom, here are some tips to consider that may save you a bunch of headache and money in the long run. 

2017-02-07 3:48:45 AM

Bathroom vanity sets are beautiful utility pieces for your bathroom. They are elegantly designed items that can completely your same old boring bathroom. With these you can add a touch of luxury to...

2017-01-24 3:57:05 AM

The definition of a home can never be complete without taking a peep through the bathroom. The bathroom is an integral part of a home; therefore it cannot be over emphasized. From it’s design...

2017-01-12 4:00:02 AM

Shower stalls are enclosed areas that make it possible to contain the splashing and flow of water within a defined space during the process of taking a shower. For the most part, the shower enclosu...

2017-01-05 9:33:18 PM
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