3 High-tech Sink Faucets Change Our Lives
2015-08-16 10:03:38 PM

With the rapid development of technology, more and more people are enjoying the convenience brought by science and technology .

sink faucets

sink faucets

1. LEVIS designed by Austrian designer Daniel Brunsteiner is a sink faucet of concept version. The sink faucet provides a new way of washing hands: the full touch screen. Its design was inspired by nature to make the faucet look like leaf. It is divided into two blades that the left one controls the size of the water flow, and the right one controls the level of water temperature. This "leaf" seems to be torn along the bottom, from which water flows out.

Now it is not necessary to twist the switch before washing hands, instead that, just open it through complete touch surface and feedback of LED backlight. With the black screen, the faucet is very clear and visualized.

sink faucets

2.This Z-faucet designed by JasperDekker seems not very special, but the faucet hides considerable scientific and technological content under this simple appearance, which is even better than touch screens. The water will flow out, when you just lightly shake your hand beside it. When you swings your hand left and right, the fuacet can be adjusted the temperature of water, and when you move hand back and forth, the size of water flow can be changed. This design not only has great feeling of streamline, but also can reduce the bacteria in bathroom and kitchen.

sink faucets

3.Sunrise was designed by Siamodoro who was inspired by the sunrise and its name comes from the horizon-style design. And there are five touch buttons on it. It subverts the traditional way of using water. The new touch technology controls water temperature and flow freely. What's more, the lead-free copper material is used as the inner core of the faucet, which is energy-saving and environmental. The perfect fusion of art and design combined with intelligentized easy operation mode and simple fashion design makes the sink faucet extraordinary.      


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