4 Products Take You to Feel the Science and Technology in the Bathroom
2015-08-05 9:36:12 PM

What will bathroom look like in the future? Will it give you a customized experience? The answer is yes. Bathroom can become your personal SPA and health center in the future.

Let’s look at these follow four bathroom tech products:

1. iHouse Smarthydro: A smart bathtub which can be controlled by using a mobile phone.

iHouse, a Brazilian home automation company, launched a smart bathtub called Smarthydro, which can be remote controlled by using a mobile phone to fill it with water. When the bath water reaches the height you need, it will remind you to bath. And it also has heating function, which can make the water maintain at the temperature you like. After bathing, the system can clean bathtub with recycled water and detergent automatically.

In addition, Smarthydro also has a voice system to hint you that your bathtub has been ready. And the LCD screen on the border of tub can display the water temperature so that you can adjust temperature intuitively. It is also worth mentioning that the transparent design is quite excellent.

LED mirror

2. POSH: Multi-touch Interactive Mirror

POSH has a sense for technology. As long as you touch the small lighted button on the bottom right corner of mirror, customizable applications and widgets will appear on the mirror. What’s more, you can look into the mirror as usual. POSH also can be connected to your smart phone. So you can check e-mails, text messages, weather and traffic conditions, even can watch TV, videos and sports news on the mirror.

Besides, its toothbrush timer application will make sure that your tooth get enough attention; and its make-up application uses built-in camera to zoom in and out your facial image.

I have written a article about a magic mirror before, which is also a kind of intelligent mirror. What would you choose in your home decoration, normal LED mirror at lower price or expensive smart LED mirror?


3. Kohler One-piece Toilet: Numi

Numi has automatic opening and closing coverplate and seat heating function, and also has the ambient illumination, foot warmers, embedded deodorant, touch- screen remote which can play music, water temperature controller and spray settings.

Furthermore, the sensor at the bottom can adjust the height of toilet seat for you according to the length of your foot.


4. Beam: Smart Toothbrush with Apps

Beam is the first toothbrush implanted app in the world. And it is also compatible with iOS and Android platform. The manual toothbrush embedded sensor and bluetooth radio can be started as soon as it touches the mouth. If you slack off during brushing or brush too long in one place, the application will remind you thoughtfully.

Beam company says that the average of brushing time is only 46 seconds, while the length of time recommended is two minutes. If using timer, the possibility that people spend over two minutes on brushing teeth will increase 50%. The supporting applications of Beam not only support the timer, but also can play songs. Even it can record your experiences of brushing, and the records will be sent to the dentist before you visit him.

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