Compact Bathroom Design-4 Tips to Enlarge Your Bathroom
2015-07-19 8:31:50 PM

Although bathroom space is limited, it still serves numerous functions. Besides the obvious utilitarian functions, homeowners want a smoothing escape from hectic daily life, as well as a good environment partner that conserves water and energy. Here are four bathroom design tips for you to explore.

small bathroom

1.    Use ceramic tiles to brighten your bathroom

Add bright yellow ceramic tiles into a group of dark lateral tiles sweeps away the sense of crowding. Projecting twills on the tiles surface not only break equitable vertical linear relationship but also make the walls full of tension.

Visual enjoyment comes from matches between the colors and the lines, and tiles are the biggest part in the bathroom design. Contrasts of the colors and the lines are the key to make a small bathroom look stylish. The bathroom based on main tone of yellow lights your eyes up the first time you enter the room. With the light on, the bathroom becomes more elegant. In here, tiles play an important role. It’s not necessary to use bright yellow wall and floor tiles, khaki or orange tiles can produce the same effects.

small bathroom

2.   Use multi-faceted mirror to expand your bathroom

Install mirrors on two or three different walls, and the reflection effects make the space brighter.

It is the simplest and most operable method of decoration. The Led mirrors creatively placed in the bathroom not only enlarge the space of bathroom but also add up the daily grooming pleasure-one more mirror, one more chance to discover another side of yourself. In order to increase the aesthetic of the bathroom, compared to installing a half-length mirror, installing a full-length mirror is a better choice to enrich Bathroom with the sense of freshness. Fitted half-length mirror or full-length mirror in your bathroom enlarge your bathroom and boost your mood.

small bathroom

3.   Use wall-mounted stuff to save occupied space.

For example, it’s useful to combine the bath mirror and closet together. Wall-mounted vanity and cabinet not only storages a lot but also saves ground space. This creative design is convenient for your daily cleaning.

Each inch in a small bathroom is precious, however assorted toiletries must have sufficient storage place. For example, use wall-mounted bathroom furniture is a good choice. A wall-mounted vanity and cabinet and a wall-mounted locker can meet your needs to storage toiletries. A set of wall-mounted bathroom furniture can do a good job of hiding up clutter toiletries and make your bathroom clean and clear.

small bathroom

4.   Use the partition to separate wet and dry area

Bathtub often takes up too much space, so you can use a partition to create a shower area, thus to separate the wet from the dry area.

The bathroom partition is particularly important for those who pay closely attention to the details of life, especially in a small bathroom. Separately wet and dry areas make life more organized. Transparent resin glass shower partition neither affects bathroom visual effects nor brightens your bathroom and sweeps away the sense of crowding caused by small space. Curved shower partition not only separates the wet from the dry area but also increases the sense of beauty and security. Vertical shower screen can do the partition as well, and add up the aesthetic as same as curved shower partition do. Most importantly, it can construct a simple and modern style for bathroom.

Even if your bathroom is small, some of the essential elements needn’t to be. Small bathrooms can have big style too only if the bathroom is well-designed.

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