How to Choose a Bathroom Mirror
2015-08-23 9:15:39 PM


Bathroom mirror not only can help people to get clean up every day, but also can decorate bathroom to add function and style to it. There are many factors to consider when selecting an appropriate bathroom mirror, so it is quite a challenge.



Keep the Style Consistent with the Bathroom Décor

When you choose bathroom mirror, make sure that the style of the mirror can match the décor and style of your bathroom. The mirror in contemporary style, traditional style, romantic style or seashore style are commonly used in bathroom decoration. So the mirror you opt for should depend on the style of your bathroom.


Decide from Finishes 

The most secure method to choose the finishes of the mirror is according to other fixtures in bathroom. For instance, if most of fixtures in bathroom are chrome finish, you can choose a mirror with chrome finish or you also can mix finishes if you have good taste about matching which will give bathroom a fresh element.


Consider the Shape

The most common shapes of bathroom mirror are circle, rectangle, square and oval. Here's an example, if the counter, basin or vanity is rectangular, you can select a rectangular or square mirror to match them. All in all, the mirror’s shape should be considered matching with the type of rest lines in the bathroom.


Measure the Size 

It is also very important to decide the size of bathroom mirror. So to say, the bigger the mirror is, the more practical it is. But it will typically be limited by the size of the vanity. Generally, there are around 4 inches smaller in length than the vanity. And the height of mirror can not be taller than the vanity. It is worth mentioning that a mirror in a store will look much smaller than when it is actually placed in your bathroom. So it is a good idea that measure the appropriate size before buying one.


Choose the Function 

If your bathroom is too small to have many storage in the bathroom, the useful cabinet mirror or shadow box mirror is very ideal for you. The LED mirror which can provide additional lighting is the best choice for women to make up.


Select a Mounting Style

There are three kinds of mounting styles, permanent installation, semi-permanent installation and temporary installation. 

If you plan on keeping the mirror for years, please use permanent installation. It can be done with liquid nails or other glues.

If you plan to hang a mirror for several years, the good choice is to use a less permanent glue. It is easy to loosen by using glue remover.

If  you want to change or move the mirror at any time, it is a good idea to use wire or mirror brackets to hang a mirror. But this temporary installation is not applicable for very heavy mirrors like medicine cabinet.

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