How To Choose Best Toilets
2015-10-01 3:37:45 PM

Surfacebest toilet should be smooth and shiny

Best toilet’s surface should be clean and smooth and with no blistering and full color. After testing the outer surface of the glaze, you also should touch the toilet sewer. If it is rough, the future is likely to cause clogging.

Weight: best toilet should be heavy

Common toilet weighing about 50 pounds, but good toilet should be about 100 pounds.Because the temperature is high during its firing process reaching levels of all-ceramic, so its weight heavy.

Test Method: hands pick up the tank cover and feel its weight

Quality: best toilet should calcined

High temperature firing toilet does low water absorption, not easy to sucked into sewage odors. Middle and low grade toilet water do high absorption, easy go smelly and difficult to clean. Sometimes,it will cause cracking and leaking phenomenon.

Test method: gently tap the toilet, if hoarse, not clear or crisp,it is likely to have imploded, or the product is not cooked.

Outlet: best toilet better have one sewage hole

Now, many brands’ toilet have two or three holes (depending on caliber). But the more sewage holes a toilet have, the less impact it does. There are two types of outlet, the one is under outfall outlet, the other one is cross drainage outlet. After measuring the distance between the center of back wall and buy the same type toilet. The height of outlet of drainage toilet should be as same as its cross drainage outlet , preferably slightly higher than it.

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