How to Pick Your Very Own Freestanding Bathtub
2016-10-18 3:24:07 AM

Bathtubs are unquestionably are the most elegant additions to your bathroom. However, you must ensure that you find the right bath not only for the design of your bathroom, but also your particular plumbing setup. This specific kind of bathtub is fashionable across the globe due to its looks and adaptability. In recent years, there has been the craze of people changing the looks of their bathrooms, and freestanding bathtubs Canada have been playing a key role in the achieving the required makeover.  

The biggest challenge for many people has always been how to make the right choice of stand alone bathtub, in order to give their bathroom the desired looks. However, before you even think of purchasing one, the most important question you should pose to yourself is; do I really need the tub? Remember the cost of this kind of bathroom accessory isn’t some loose pocket change! However, once your mind is set that you have to acquire one, then you have to consider the space available in your bathroom and how much money you have to spare for it. Mostly these types of bathtubs make huge design statements that are likely to immensely enhance any bathroom’s overall outlook. Such a valuable addition is also likely to escalate your house’s market value, in case you may need to sell it in future.

You can decide to go for soaker tub to improve the looks and comfort of your bathroom. This is a specially designed tub that is much deeper as compared to the other types. It can allow you to get submerged in water up to the level of your shoulders. This kind of tub can easily fit into a fairly small bathroom if you consider some basic factors such as how it will be used and who will make use of it. You can then go ahead to consider the cost and how the right quality can be purchased.

For people who have small children, you don’t need to install big-sized baths in their bathrooms. They just need a small-sized soaking bathtub, according to their size. However, if you have more than one kid and they love bathing together, then you may as well consider getting a bigger tub which can accommodate them comfortably. The children variety of bathtubs comes in different colors, as well as designs in order to suit different individual tastes. There is no doubt that each kid has a favorite color. When they have bathtubs of their choice, it helps them to enjoy their baths.

How to choose your bathtubs

When you are ready to purchase a new deep freestanding tub for your bathroom, there are several factors which need to be considered. The five major considerations to make are:

1.    Quality

This should be the first and foremost factor to consider when purchasing your bathtub. Any poor quality bathtub will add little value to the looks of your bathroom and the worth of the entire house.

  Discovery of flakes  If after few months you discover flakes of material in the bath tub, it won’t be very inviting for your bath. Therefore, there is no need for you to sacrifice quality, at the altar of a low cost. You would rather spend more once, than buying a cheap one, which will definitely need a replacement after a few months.

2.    Space

The size of space available in your bathroom is also another very important consideration before you buy any bathtub. People live in different sized houses, with various sizes of bathrooms. Therefore, if possible, you need to measure the free space available for your bathtub before you choose the one you want to buy. There is nothing as frustrating as buying your favorite tub, only to discover that it can’t fit in your bathroom.

3.    Family size

If the tub is meant for the whole family, then a larger size can do. Some family members enjoy soaking and relaxing in one huge bathtub. It is one of the best ways of sharing some quality time together and bonding. Therefore, it must have enough space for everyone.

4.    Shape

Some people prefer traditional looking bathrooms; hence they always go for tubs that are traditionally shaped. A good example in his group is the oval shaped baths, which have smooth edges. For people who prefer modern looking bathrooms would rather go for rectangular bathtubs, with sharper edges.

5.    Material

There are several materials which are normally used to make bathtubs. It is always important to find out the merits and demerits of each material. If you want a sturdy bath, then you would want to go for a cast iron or stone bathtub. However, these two materials are the heaviest and therefore your floor must be able to contain them.

There definitely are very many options of soaker tubs to choose from but ultimately, you need to choose one which will perfectly fit in your bathroom. This will make you comfortable any time you soak in it.




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