Inspirational Ideas for Decorating Your Bathroom
2016-07-06 11:41:21 PM

Bathrooms are very characteristic places and are the focal point of everyone’s eyes. Though their key objective is to offer individuals with a place to relax themselves, bathrooms have become so much more than that.  Many individuals put a lot of thought and energy into how they want their bathrooms to appear. For many it is of no importance but unattractive bathrooms do not really make a sense.  To decorate bathroom is a very challenging task. We should keep in mind following important things before decorating a bathroom. 

The wall, ceiling and floor material like mats or carpets should be water proof and can easily and quickly be cleaned. To reduce the risk of electric shock we should use install electrical appliances with permanent connections rather than sockets and plugs. System of lighting should be proper so that person can perform his daily routine activities like showering, shaving, cleaning in an efficient manner. Following are basic 20 modern particulars that renovate your dull bathrooms into fantastic relaxation and refreshing spaces.

Color Schemes

Paints produce wall cover challenges due to high levels of moisture. So the paint used, should be of good quality. Paints that are specially formulated to perform well in high humidity should be used. Colors that are used in bathrooms should be attractive as well as refreshing. Dark color schemes is not a very good choice for small bathrooms. Choose paint that isn’t too wildly dissimilar from your bathroom tiles.


Natural light is a vital part of modern design style particularly in the bathroom. Even if it is a small bathroom, if there is natural light getting in you will definitely feel relaxed and refreshing. So there should be one or two windows allowing natural light to come in or for ventilation purposes.


A small chandelier is a good choice for a bathroom as it adds style to your bathroom. You can make your bathroom become romantic by using these lovely chandeliers.

Floor Lights

Lighting your room from the floor up is an electrifying and modern idea to add beauty to your bathroom. Floor lights offer atmosphere along with an effective level of light.

Vanity Lighted Mirror

Mirror in bathroom is an important necessity. And we also know that mirror are important for reflecting light and usually brightening a room so a mirror should be of top quality and well placed. More and more people choose LED mirrors for their bathroom. Because backlit mirrors containing lights are perfect if you would like to use the bathroom mirror for doing shaving, make-up and more. A good bathroom vanity mirror brings more light into the room and can add an atmospheric touch.

Corner Vanity Sink

Installing a corner vanity sink is a good choice over pedestal sink if you want to give your bathroom a modern look. If your bathroom is of small size it would be the best choice as it takes little space easily fit into a vacant corner of your lavatory.

White lights

If you have an old-fashioned dull yellow light scheme in your bathroom replaced it with white light. So that your bathroom gives a modern look. Yellow light makes bathrooms to look small and gloomy. Embellish your bath with lighting that makes a statement. Use damp rated recessed lighting in showers to avoid rust and yellowing. 


Curtains add beauty to your bathrooms. Fit blinds or curtains of a light shade like skin, peach or of cream color. Make sure that they are thick enough to offer a protected screen but thin enough to let some natural light in as it feels peaceful and relaxing if a good natural light comes in.  You could also fit blinds that hide place only the bottom half of your windows, allowing light in through the top half.

Light Covers

If you do not want to replace yellow light use a light covering so that it reflects the bright light despite of outdated yellow lights and gives your bathroom an incredible look.

Tiles or Flooring

Tiles are very important for the bathroom, it can give your bathroom a modern look. Glass tiles are more eye-catching.

Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding tub is a basic entity for modern bathroom designs. It is a beautiful luxury. Freestanding bathtubs proposes several great advantages that are hard to overlook.

Bathroom Cabinets

One of the most guaranteed ways to give an excellent look and improve functionality of your bathroom is through the addition of bathroom cabinets. You can keep clothes, towels and other bathroom products in these cabinets that helps in maintaining the bathroom neat and decrease the amount of mess lying around.

Towel Holders

Use small and elegant towel holders instead of very big and ugly hanger.

Soap Dispenser

This may seem like a really simple idea, but put your hand soap in a beautiful dispenser. Appears like a really small bathroom decorating idea, but it is the particulars that make all the difference.


Spotlights are fashionable and up-to-date and can give the kind of light that creates atmosphere. They are very discreet and can be used in ceilings to precisely highlight an area of the room. Fixing a spotlight above a vanity mirror, can work really well.

Tray or box

To keep toiletries find any beautiful tray or box matching with your bathroom’s color scheme and keep it, from where it can easily be accessible.

Indoor Plants

Adding a touch of greenery gives an attractive and refreshing look to your bathrooms. Keep indoor plants in your bathroom so that it will help you to lower your worry levels, calm you and start your day off on a happier note. Plants also purify the air.

Decoration Pieces

If your bathroom has shelves, use this space by putting different kinds of decoration pieces like vases, candles etc. or you can also use it to keep toiletries.

Bathroom Fan

One common thing people hate about their bathrooms is an absence of aeriation. Steaming up the room can be enjoyable if you have a head cold, but it’s not great for the life of the paint or the general freshness of the room. By fitting a bathroom fan, you can make an environment perfect for you.

Bathroom Toys

To make your child’s bath time, a fun time bathroom toys is one of the best option. Keep them in elegant basket or on the shelves if your bathroom has.

So, if you want to give your bathroom an eye catchy look do not forget to get an idea of decorating it with the above mentioned manners. 

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