How to Select Glass Tiles
2015-03-10 4:52:37 AM

Glass tile is a kind of decorative colored glass with small specification. Every part of the glass tile shall be printed with a logo on the surface of the package, with the name, date of production, color number, specification, quantity, weight (gross weight, net weight), and also with damp proof, fragile and stacking direction logo, and attached inspection certificates. The glass tile shall be packed with cartons in which waterproof paper shall be prepared. The products inside shall be put orderly and closely.


glass tile 

  • Regular specification


Pay attention to whether the particles have the same specification and the same size; whether the edge of each small particle is tidy; whether it is flat when putting a single glass tile on the level ground; whether it has too thick emulsion layer on the back of a single glass tile.


On the back of every single piece of the glass tile shall have serration or trapezium groove lines, so it can combine stronger when paved.


Except for guaranteeing the paste strength, the adhesives used shall be easily washed off from the glass mosaic, and it cannot damage the backing paper or discolor the glass tile.


Observing the glass tile in the height of about 40 centimeters in the natural light and testing visually whether it has crack, defect lacking edge and corner.


Select nine parts of glass tiles in random and combine them into a square, put them on a flat and well-lighted place, test visually in the distance of 1.5 meters to see whether its luster is even; if not, it will fade easily in the wet toilet, influencing the wall appearance beauty.


  • Low water absorption


It is a necessary element to ensure the durable of the glass tile, so we need to test its water absorption. Dripping the water on the back of the glass tile, the one which overflows has good quality, and the one which permeates inside has poor quality.


  • Rigorous technology


Firstly, you can feel its slippery-prevent degree when touching the glaze. Then pay attention to its thickness, which decides density. The higher the density is, the lower the water absorption will be. The last is the texture. The glass tile glazing in the middle of the internal layer usually belongs to the tile with good quality.


If you want to know more informations about glass mosaic, you can read Advantages And Disadvantanges of Glass Tiles and How to Clean and Maintain Glass Tiles on our website.

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