Advantages And Disadvantanges of Glass Tiles
2015-07-19 9:18:40 PM

Glass tiles are one type of mosaic tiles, but a little bit slight different from other mosaic tiles. Knowing the categories of mosaic tiles is better for your selection. Compared to regular tiles, glass tiles are small and colorful. You can never imagine how many color combinations glass tiles can ever make. In older times, glass tiles were used for art design, creating art patterns of humans or animals. As for nowadays, glass tiles are largely applied into malls to display someone’s pictures or  specific scenery. The reason why glass tiles is so attractive is that you cannot see what the pattern is from a close distance, but you cannot know what it is immediately at a far range.

glass tiles

Advantages of glass tiles

Imagination is never limited, glass tiles will grant you the chance to create impossibilities. You can decorate your bathroom into any styles with glass tiles combinations. When properly installed, it will surely add up elegance, color and beauty to bathroom. Moreover, glass tiles can reflect light, making reflections that can enlarge and brighten your bathroom. Different from ceramic tiles, which are prone to stains, mildew and mold, glass tiles are resistant to all those problems and easy to clean. Just clean the dirt with a wet cloth and some wild detergent. For those who pursue environmental decorations, choosing glass tiles are still a perfect choice. It costs half of the energy to produce the same quantity of glass tiles.

glass tiles

Disadvantages of glass tiles

Glass tiles are expensive. The more expensive part is installing glass tiles. It requires patience to focus from small to large sight. More intricate designs cost much more time. Because glass tiles are made of glass, scratches are not resistant on them. When glass tiles are installed in frequently used space, scratches are even worse. Once the scratches develop, elimination is not an easy thing. The most fatal weakness for glass tiles is its fragility. When exposed to extremely high temperature, severe damage will be made to glass tiles or even cause them to shatter. After the damage, replacing materials will add up to your overall costs as well.

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