Tips for Installing Your Freestanding Bathtubs
2016-09-17 8:53:17 PM

Deciding about which freestanding bathtub you’ll acquire is one of the hardest tasks for those that are renovating their bathrooms or changing the tub. The reason is that there are several types, styles, and material of bathtubs that make this decision even hardest. Some things are crucial, and you should consider before buying your freestanding bathtubs. Think about the size, shape, deep and design. Have in mind that this bathtub will turn your bathroom into a unique place.

Before buying the bathtub, make a lot of questions and try the freestanding tub. Make sure that you’ll be comfortable inside it. Is also crucial that you know about installation details and the specifications of the tub. Ask about weight, material, maintenance and how to clean it. This information is crucial for you to know if the freestanding bath is right for you. And provide the seller all the specifications of the house/apartment and about the room where the bathtub will be placed to listen from a professional if your choice is appropriate for your home. After defining and acquiring, there is some care that must be taken when you install your bathtub. Although the installation is simple, some factors should be considered before, during and after the installation. You can check here some valuable tips.

First of all, if you already have an old tub, remove it and take the measure of where you’ll place the new one. Don’t forget to measure also the doors to access the bathroom to make sure that will be possible to insert the new soaker bathtub in your bathroom. If you’re not renewing the whole place, realize the necessary changes for receiving the new stand alone soaking tub.

Now is time to decide where you want to put your freestanding soaking. Think about where you want to sit and the view that you are willing to have while you’re relaxing. Take into account the bathroom design, if the bathtub will be at the center, in the corner or near the wall. The great thing about the stand alone tub is that there is no rule for placing them. The best place for your bathtub is the place that you want and need. Use your creativity and make something new in your bathroom. If you’re not secure about accomplish this task by yourself, hire a plumber and guide him to what you want. If you are renewing your bathroom floor, don’t forget to verify if the level is balanced and that there isn’t any risk of your soaker bathtub bend to one side.

You’ll need to arrange a blanket or soft surface for avoiding of screeching the bathtub during the installation. The plumber will turn the tub upside down to drill the holes to fit the waste and mixer taps. That’s because the oval freestanding bathtub has to be in the exact place on the floor of the drainpipe. Don’t forget to turn off all the water supply of your house. After putting all the hot and cold pipes and the pipe work is reconnected, you can make a make a test with water. You may wait 24 hours before you use your new freestanding soaking. You can also consider adding brackets anti-tipping. Depending on the deep bathub, there is a danger of the freestanding soaking flipping. You can discuss the possibility of inserting brackets with your plumber or builder.

Is extremely necessary that you follow the guide of your soaking bathtub so that you don’t commit any mistake that can bring you problems in the future. One important tip is to choose the correct pipes. The reason is that the stand-alone soaking tub pipes will be exposed, and you should pay attention to what kind of pipes you’ll choose. The most common are the bronze ones, they are very attractive and have quality. The soaking tub is easy to maintain, and that is another factor that makes this kind of bathtub a real success. But be careful about any leaking and take measures as soon as possible to avoid more serious problems. 

The significant advantage of freestanding tubs is the facility of installation. In comparison with the built-in tubs, the freestanding bathtubs don’t need a surround, sealing or mounting. But other advantages make these stand alone soaking tubs a real success for changing the design of your bathroom for a more creative one. After installing your bathtub, you can continue to innovate your bathroom adding other items to compose the tub. You can think about a beautiful rug for when to get out of your luxury bath. And also support for putting your essential oils or your bathrobe and towel. Use your imagination and customize as much as you can one of the most intimate places of the house of the way that you want. 

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