A New Design-Tree Branch Shower Panel
2015-07-29 11:16:18 PM

Have you ever feel tired of the monotonous life? Have you have no clue to decorate an unique bathroom? Shower panels are of vital importance in bathroom decoration, today I am going to introduce you a special shaped shower panel. "Green, water-saving, environmental protection" is the core concept of tree branch shower panels, designer Venkat devotes to bring natural , green elements into bathroom design and tries to evoke people’s awareness about nature and promote their environmental awareness. 

A gift from nature
Simple tree branches, when falling into the sight of designer, can be considered as the simplest charm comes from nature: simple lines outline different arcs and bring designer different inspirations. Nature loving designer will naturally mix his love for nature into his works, and then create real products to offer households a channel to share the inspirations from nature. while providing consumers practical value, tree branch shower panels pass on the gift from nature and get into the cutting edge of fashion, which makes the same sense as “ Present rose to others with remaining fragrance at hand”. 

shower panel

Water-saving tree branch shower panels
When designing a product, designer should discard all the complicated thoughts and stay focus on the creation. Smooth lines outline the perfect curve, with its sleek shape, the natural design becomes more stylish and elegant. Gravity casting technology and precision machining make the product organizational compact, and surface uniform, smooth, and corrosion-resistant. The perfect combination of full cast copper body and high-quality ceramic valve faucet improves the user experience degree and protects it from leaking. Seven layer bubble former softens water and conserves our water resource.

shower panel

It is worth buying
The inspiration for tree branch shower panels comes from the forests, and this design aims to convey green and healthy concepts.Tree branch shower panels can change water flow directions by adjusting sprinkles, as long as you adjust the sprinkles toward your body, the water will not get splashed onto your face. To those makeup ladies, the tree branch shower panel is an unmissable design. Moreover, the tree branch shower panels are fitted with general shower panel functions.With its environmental features, shower panels are popular among consumers.  Tree branch shower panels are at the leading-edge of fashion, so prices may be a little bit high. If you consider utility outweigh its shape, learn how to choose shower panels before you made the final decision.

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