3D Printing Sink Faucets
2015-07-22 8:52:02 PM

It has been said that development of 3D printing would finally bring a revolution to design and construction industry. But there is no huge impact so far. However, there are many companies beginning to develop their own 3D products. A company developed new sink faucets which are very special and novel by using 3D printing technology.

sink faucets

There are three models of sink faucets which are newly released. The first one has a plurality of asymmetrical spray orifices. The second and the third ones have used hollow design in the position of the water pipe, which give people a surreal feeling. The company said 3D printing technology gave endless possibility to sink faucet manufacture. Thanks to 3D printing, we can design things that we never imagine before.

The company's 3D printing sink faucet is considered as the most innovative and exquisite sink faucet.

sink faucets

Designer uses high-strength alloy to converge hidden waterways at the top just before air sparger. It is because of this unique structure, the sink faucet gives users a wonderful visual enjoyment of water coming out nowhere.

sink faucets

Although the design of the three sink faucets are different, they all use the SLS technology. The print process for each faucet needs about 24 hours. After printing, manual trimming process still needs to be proceeded to imitate polished surface texture of ancient silverware.

sink faucets

Although many companies are using SLS technology,  it usually be used for the development of prototype products. And volume production still use traditional technology. The designers of this company optimize the technology, so sink faucets can be used immediately after hand trimming process. Moreover, the great water-saving technology was used in the sink faucet and there is low levels of lead in it.

sink faucets

The company is expected to launch new 3D printing sink faucets in the next year, with price at $ 12,000-20,000 dollars.

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