Compare One-Piece Toilet with Two-Piece Toilet
2015-07-22 9:17:48 PM

Toilets can be divided into different categories by different standards. I have prepared another post for you about choosing toilets by different outlet ways. This article is the comparison between one-piece toilet and two-piece toilet. Those two types of toilets share plenty of common things. Most of them serve the same purpose, flush the same way, and even cost the same amount of water. However, one-piece toilets still have plenty of advantages over two-piece toilets.

1. Height Differences

In general, one-piece toilet is smaller than two-piece toilet. Because of its smaller size, it can be installed in compact bathrooms to save floor space, and thus to enlarge your bathroom.  One-piece toilet is also a good choice for kids and disabled people, since it can be installed lower to the ground when compared with two-piece toilet. When only concerned about height differences, two-piece toilet is more suitable for elderly people and those with physical impairments, since higher seats make they feel much more comfortable.

one-two-piece toilet

2. Ease of Cleaning

Because one-piece toilet typically combines tank, bowl, lid and other parts in one unit, there are fewer nooks and crevasses, so it is easier for you to clean. For two-piece toilet, there are more possibilities to get dirt, bacteria and waste trapped between joints.  Moreover, because one-piece toilet has lower position, cleaning becomes even easier.

3. Durability

Because its one unit structure, fewer pipes and other elements are exposed to air, which reduces the chance of being oxidated. The fewer components the toilet has, the fewer probability it deteriorates and leaks. Therefore, one-piece toilet is more durable than two-piece toilet.

one-two-piece toilet

4. Price

Even though one-piece toilet is generally much more expensive than two-piece toilet, there still are plenty of reasons to recommend one-piece toilet. When talking about installation costs, both the initial expense and the replacement expense are not negligible. For one-piece toilet, although its purchasing expense is higher, due to its high durability, its replacement expense is negligible, so its overall costs are still lower than two-piece toilet. It's better to double check prices before you purchase. 

5. Installation Notes

As you can see, one-piece toilet has everything in one unit, which is heavier than any piece of the two-piece toilet. So, there is no doubt that one-piece toilet is harder to move. On the other side, Due to fewer components, one-piece toilet is easier to install.

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