Choosing the Best Backlit Mirror for the Bathroom
2016-07-25 3:34:00 AM

Most of us carry out our skin care routine and application of makeup in front of the bathroom mirror. But what if your bathrooms lighting is not enough to help you figure out if you are applying your eye cream or lipstick right? You might make a total mess of yourself when you come out of the bathroom.

With a backlit mirror which gives out perfect, natural lighting, you can have the dreamy look you desire much easily. But going to a shop and buying any bathroom mirror with lights is not going to help you. 


The size of the LED lighted mirror you choose is an important fact to consider. If your bathroom has a small space, bringing in a huge mirror will make the place feel compact and uncomfortable. But a too small mirror will not serve your purpose all the same. So find a mirror from here that complements the dimensions of your bathroom and one that doesn’t take away the comfort away from it.


Just like the size of the mirror, the style is also important. Some of you may need an oval shaped mirror and some of you, a rectangular shaped mirror. It all depends on your choice. But don’t forget to match the shape, frame material and the LED lighting arrangement of the mirror with your bathroom theme and color. By doing this, you will obtain a well-functioning backlit mirror which blends with your bathroom’s interior design. 


Do you want a wall mounted mirror? Or a mirror you can keep on a flat surface? There are several categories of illuminated mirrors in our website depending on the way you can place them. Mirrors are available with adjustable arms as well which can be pulled up to a certain extent with the use of the arm. The placement of the mirror depends on the usage you require from the mirror and the bathroom’s structure. 


Lighting is one of the most important factors to look at in a bathroom mirror with lights. As lighting is the whole purpose of buying a bathroom mirror with lights, we should give this twice as weightage as the other aspects. Buying a mirror with some LED bulbs will not give you the desired end results. Some mirrors that emanate very low and dim lighting will not show a clear reflection of yourself to get your tasks done. But mirrors that emanate too bright light will just create a glare and make you uncomfortable.

There are mirrors that emit light which makes you look good in any shade of foundation and any shade of lipstick and eyeshadow. But once you go out, you wouldn’t look as good in natural light. So to avoid getting embarrassed with a horrible makeup in public, be careful to choose a mirror that gives out natural light. 

There are bathroom lighted vanity mirrors which have adjustable knobs to control the brightness of lighting. If you want to try out your makeup under different lightings to see if you’d look good out in the sun and also in the candlelight dinner, that is the option you should go for. 


Some lighted bathroom mirrors contain the magnification capability. This is important in threading your eyebrows, applying eye makeup and so on to get a more zoomed in look for better results. If you buy a mirror with magnification, you don’t have to lean in towards the mirror to get a clearer look. Most suitable amount of magnification for a bathroom mirror with lights is 5x but you can also use a higher value depending on your preference.


As we are talking about a bathroom mirror, there has a good way to decorate your bathroom --  storage comes as an added option. There are bathroom mirrors  with lights that come equipped with a wall cabinet or a ledge to keep your cosmetics, medicine, brushes etc. So if you require a place to keep your items close to your mirror, you can opt for a mirror with a cabinet or a ledge. 


The last but not least is the price or the cost you have to incur when purchasing your backlit mirror. When buying the bathroom mirror with lights it’s important to compare the price with the features the mirror offers. If the mirror has less features but a very high price tag, it’s best to avoid it altogether. But it’s also advised not to go for the cheapest one around. When purchasing the illuminated mirror, look at its features, durability, and quality. If you don’t need too many features like magnification and storage, you can cut down some of the cost and avoid unnecessary expenses. It’s all about getting what you need for the right price.

After reading through all the tips and advices on how to buy the perfect vanity lighted mirror, we guarantee that you will never go wrong in your purchase. Make a decision on what you need and what you don’t for your mirror and once you are done, go out there and find the perfect mirror for your bathroom. 

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