All About Shower Stalls
2017-01-05 9:33:18 PM

Shower stalls are enclosed areas that make it possible to contain the splashing and flow of water within a defined space during the process of taking a shower. For the most part, the shower enclosure is an interior device. However, there are also examples of various types of outdoor shower stalls in settings ranging from beaches to lakeside cabins.

A basic shower enclosure includes four defined walls to the structure, a roof and an opening on one of the walls. The opening is usually equipped with a door that swings out from the booth of the stall, or a set of sliding doors that allow easy entry and exit from the stall. In addition, a showerhead and faucets to control the flow of water is located on the ceiling or one of the walls.

Above and beyond the basic design for a shower stall, many other features may be included. For example, shower nozzles may be mounted on each of the four walls and at various heights.

This arrangement makes it possible to enjoy a massage as well as take a shower. The shower heads themselves may be equipped with a number of settings, making it easy to adjust the flow of water from each individual nozzle, allowing a stronger jet of pulsating water to massage sore shoulder muscles while allowing a steady flow to provide constant heat to the muscles of the calve.

Why Shower Stalls Are Preferable to Open Showers

Your shower needs to be a serene place from where you can wash away the difficulties of the day, as well as the dirt. Your morning or evening bath needs to leave you feeling re-energized and clean. One of the best ways to make your shower time stand out is to install stand alone showers rather than succumbing to the fad of open showers. So, what do these stalls bring to your bathroom?

Shower Stalls Protect Your Bathroom from Unnecessary Damage

Open showers are a perfect recipe for water or vapor to escape onto walls and ceilings. After some time, this can lead to growth of mold and mildew that is harmful to the walls and to your health as well. The vapor can also find itself into the wood present in the structure, which can weaken the bathroom.

Avoid Messy Floors

An open shower allows water to end up all over your floor, which can easily cause accidents. The water can also seep under your tiles or floor and cause unwanted damage that is expensive to fix. This is why you need shower enclosures because they prevent water from spilling over the floor.

Get Creative!

With a number of ideas available for using shower stalls, you can put your creativity to use. For instance, you can install a jetted shower panel or simulate rainfall. Additionally, you can have jets of water from all sides of the enclosure just for your pleasure.

Having a stall also allows you to have a steam shower. This means you can have a personal spa in your home at next to nothing. The way the stalls are made mean the steam can fill the enclosure, giving you the benefits that only a sauna can.

There is a wide variety of shower stalls to pick from. This means you can get a design that suits your needs. On the other hand, if you are after a specific look, you can go for a custom stall.

Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Bathroom

The materials used in making stand alone showers are both attractive and durable. These materials include acrylic, fiberglass, and tempered glass. Your shower stall will look great and serve you for many years. Additionally, you get to add some value to your house, which comes in handy when you decide to sell the house.

Did You Know?

The condition your bathroom is in plays a big role when the time comes to sell your house. Therefore, with bathroom stalls installed, you have a bigger advantage over the potential buyer when it comes to negotiating the price.

The Pros And Cons Of Prefab Or Tiled Shower Stalls

If you're remodeling your bathroom the subject of what to do with the shower will come up. Keep your current one, buy a new one, do all the work yourself or buy something pre-made? Those are the basic options available. We'll evaluate the pros and cons.

Prefabricated or Ready-made Shower Stalls


They're already done, you just pick it up at the home improvement store.

It's a faster install than a custom tile application.

They're lighter than all the tile a custom job requires, which can be useful in certain situations.

They're fairly pliable so if the floor underneath it settles the shower won't crack and look ugly, or more importantly, leak.


They aren't as pretty as a custom tile job, no matter how much decorating you do.

There are few design options available, in fact most are plain white.

Depending on how its installed and how thick the material is when you stand on the floor it can bend and pop as if you're in a plastic trailer stall.

Since they're pre-made they may be the wrong size for your doorway.

Custom Tiled Showers


It's built the way you want so the design options are limitless and you can easily make it fit any available space.

A box of tile is easy to fit through small doorways and halls.

When you resell the house your buyers will be more impressed by custom tile than they would be a pre-made stall.


Much more expensive, either in dollars or labor.

Time consuming for do it yourself project, also much more difficult.

The tile can crack if the house hasn't settled yet, or if the floor underneath the shower settles somehow. Replacing that cracked tile can be a hassle. The crack can also create a leak.

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