Categories & Benefits Of Bathtubs
2016-12-09 3:40:10 AM

A hot, fresh bath is an often used phenomenon to lower the stress brought on by a hard day at work. For many years, however, a nice, long soak was seen as a remedy for far more ills that were seen to be unmanageable, among them paralysis kidney stone infertility and many more. Most of the ancient Greeks who went for the cures at temples of the healing god Asclepius were given a popular prescription and that was to take a bath in bathtub.

Tubs For Pets and Children

Children often don’t like bathing time they eventually try to hide or run when they listen they have to bath. But the most interesting way to lure them to bathing is the soaking bathtubs. You can put the rubber duck in the bathtubs so they will not only enjoy but will love the experience and they won’t be coming out of it. Many people like the luxury of a quiet, brooding soak in a tub. Bathtubs are also much more appropriate for bathing pets and children’s.

Built In Bathtubs

The build in bath tubs are important because of their space-saving properties. They are in fact combined with a wall-mounted showerhead.  If you want to make your life easier, consider installing a freestanding bathtub in your bath rooms they will be quite helpful. They will provide you the ease of peaceful bathing at any time.

Water Usage When Using the Bathtubs

The maximum capacity of a bath tub is 42 gallons of water, while when the body is fully immersed it only uses 30 gallons of water. The shower of 10 minutes requires the amount of 25 gallons of water. However the consumption of water can be different according to his or her usage.

Liquid Psychotherapy of Stand Alone Tubs

A hot bath is considered as a liquid psychotherapy. It is peaceful, soothing and healthy, because you consider yourself in isolation and in their you do not want any disturbing thoughts to trouble your peace. But superheated baths actually get your nervous system messed up, and the relaxation is a bit of an illusion. The heat makes you aware and forces out other thoughts. You become lethargic when body temperature moves back to normal.

Freestanding Bathtubs and Effects

Many people do not take hot baths because they feel sag and filthy afterwards. Some people get post-bath headaches. Head feet and hands are good radiators so after taking bath place then in a position so that heat could be radiated if not radiated this creates an artificial fever. An artificial fever has its uses, but it can also have some un wanted side effects i.e. headaches. So while you’re enjoying your hot bath, pour glasses of cool water over yourself! Or drape a cool washcloth over your neck. Or spray your feet with a shower hose.

The Effect to the Lower Back Pain

A bath is a great place to do a little massage, because it would help to relax the muscle knots which are basically the trigger points of the muscles. And the perfect method for this massage is:

Bring a ball into the bath with you. And then trap it under your body. Then apply some pressure to stiff and aching muscles. It’s an amazing combination of therapeutic factors. This hot bathtub trick works particularly well because the pressure you apply to your muscles is easy to control.

A hot bath in the soaking bathtub is a much better choice for most low back pain which might even be me quite helpful and relaxing. Soaking in the soaker bathtubs may simply be the single best therapy there is for low back pain. About and yet many people actually avoid a hot bath when they have low back pain but if they try it; it would give them some positive effects. The major cause of low back pain is essentially muscular in nature, instead of most popular and mistaken medical view that it’s usually caused by something “mechanical” like a intervertebral disc herniation. A hot bath in soaking bathtub is amazingly good therapy for back pain, and the price sure is right.

Home Decor Regarding Bathtubs 

A stylish bathtub will reflect your taste in fashion and will let you extend your home’s decor into the something classy and shiny. Modern bathtub designs offer a variety of styles depending upon your particular taste in bathtubs. It will give your bathroom an extra shot of class. The bathtub you choose will depend on your décor idea, pocket and how you will use it. 



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