Things to Consider before Purchasing a Bathtub
2016-12-14 10:10:05 PM

A bathtub as we may know is a wide container used mainly for washing or bathing. At the point when thinking about renovating your bathroom, it is a smart thought to know the kind of tubs available in the market. There are many brand names, for example, Jado, Jacuzzi, American Standard, St Thomas creations and so on.

Be that as it may, there are various types depending on their shapes, materials and designs used to make them. The materials used to make them include iron, wood, steel, acrylic, enamel and fiberglass. The most popular of them all is acrylic since it is light, durable and tough. Tubs come in so many different designs, colors and shapes and you will subsequently not lack one that suits your choice.

Dream line and American Standard offer a very large selection to browse. We categorize bathtubs into two, and they are:

Tubs By Material

There are different materials used to make washing tub. You can have the one in steel, acrylic, wood, fiberglass, iron, and enamel. In all these, acrylic is the most famous one as this material is light in weight and at the same time tough and durable. It is said that acrylic bathtub has the quality of steel due to the fiberglass. Likewise don't worry about the design and color as there is no restriction to this. These are not painted from outside yet produced using the color fasting system to give life to the design and color. Subsequently, once introduced means a long lasting thing. If you are in look for something heavy then go for the steel bathtub and prefer it over the iron as it won’t corroder or rust later. So many people love to have wood bathtubs in their bathroom. These are produced using special wood. Mahogany wood is famous as it gives elegant and smooth look.

Tubs by Shape and Size

1.  Clawfoot Bathtubs

Clawfoot tub possess a leg feature that look like claws and they were well known in the nineteenth century. The first clawfoot bathtubs were made of porcelain and iron but now, fiberglass are used in its production. Copper bathtubs are also very popular. This kind of bathtub needs more water to fill than any other type of bathtubs.

The name shows that tub has ball or claw shaped feet. It is one of the oldest outlines that possess classical look. Essential design comprises of straight front and slanted back. These tubs are usually made up of cast iron, porcelain on acrylic or steel. Antique clawfoot tub don’t need the skill of a carpenter. It is a free standing tub with uncovered funnels. Flour mounted or wall mounted faucets can be used. It possesses an opening for drain and over flow. Most designs have extra openings for faucets.

2.  Pedestal tubs

The pedestal tub is like a clawfoot tub and it comes majorly in an oval shape. This bathtub is has a slope at the back and straight from the front side. It possesses a place that one can stand on and the most appropriate way to place it is on a standing position. You can fill so much water into a deeper level when using a pedestal bathtub; a feature that is not present in other types of bathtubs.

It is a type of freestanding oval shaped tub without feet. The material used to make base of the tub is not quite the same as the exterior surface yet it is treated and handled to match with material of exterior surface. Most types don't have holes for faucets. Because of this, tubs will have deeper water level. Other models also have hand showers for convenient rinsing. Towel rail can likewise be installed on one or both ends of tub. Acrylic, porcelain and cast iron are materials used in the manufacture of these tubs. It is important to check that material utilized is rust free.

3.  Alcove Baths

This kind of bathtub is built-in having one open side and three enclosed sides. Often times, the bathtub is covered with a shower curtain from the open side. This bathtub is best fitted for small bathrooms.

Alcove tubs are an extremely prominent choice and this can be a great way to invigorate your bathroom. This bathtub is something that you will completely appreciate and you may anticipate your time spent in the shower every day. A little overhaul can do wonders for your home.

4.  Drop-in tubs

This kind of bathtub is otherwise called sunken or soak-in bathtub since it is set under the floor. It doesn't have an exterior segment since it is completely installed in the ground.

Built in bathtubare designed to conquer the issues related with floor mounted bathtubs for example; there is a probability to get slipped when you are making steps to come out from the tub. Drop-in bathtubs are mounted on deck in partitioned frame. This type is costly to install. Acrylic, plastic and light weight fiber glasses are material used to make this tub. A few designs also have faucets but others are available without faucets. Faucets can be mounted on walls in such designs. Ordinarily they are installed at the corner. They are ideal for soaking and sitting feet.

5.  Whirlpool Bathtubs 

Spa tub can also be referred to as Jacuzzi. It highlights air bubbles that refresh the water constantly giving a soft relaxing massage. Jetted bathtub offer unwinding hydro massage with optimized water circulation.Corner bath are also available in various installation plans such as free standing or drop-in tubs.

Installation requires water heaters, unique framing, electronic controlled speed pumps with variable speed, and electrical circuits. These tubs are accessible in various materials that include fiber glass, cast iron, and acrylic. They are available in wide range of sizes, designs and colors.

Before buying any bathtub, ensure that you have an idea what the installation costs is going to be. This can be very important is you are not doing the work yourself. Always do a background check on prices and contractors you are considering.

This article should help you comprehend more about your bathtubs and how they can be beneficial to you. Bathtubs are essential for therapeutic experience. Search online and compare features available from various manufacturers and get the best deal according to your pocket weight.

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