Common Tips For Bathroom Toilets Cleaning
2015-10-05 9:47:55 AM

People often feel upset when cleaning bathroom toilets since bathroom toilets is cleaning corner. Here are some common tips for bathroom toilets cleaning.

Tip one for bathroom toilets cleaning

Vinegar cleaning method: First mix the vinegar and water and then poured them into the toilet. After soaking for a long time,the dirty part will brush clean easily.

Tip two for bathroom toilets cleaning

Sandpaper cleaning method:use the finest sandpaper to rub toilet dirt, it can remove the dirt which the cleaners can not.

Tip three for bathroom toilets cleaning

Baking soda cleaning: pour the baking soda into the bathroom toilets. Wait half an hour with hot water and then brush the dirt.

Tip four for bathroom toilets cleaning

Bleach solution cleaning method: Wipe with a bleach solution and then rinse with water.

Tip five for bathroom toilets cleaning

Making small homemade scrub brush: when toilet become yellow, it is hard to brush it. At that time, you can tie used nylon stockings together at the end of one stick. Then use it to dip foaming cleaners scrub to brush the dirt. Do it once a month that you can keep the toilet white.

Tip six for bathroom toilets cleaning

Cleaners cleaning method:pour some water into toilet ans brush it. Then pour five to ten ml cleaners or salty liquid and brush it carefully. If there are much dirt on toilet, you can pour more cleaners and brush it. Salty liquid is highly corrosive. Please be cautious in case being hurt the skin.

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