How To Choose Towel Rings
2015-10-06 1:45:13 AM

1. Choose towel rings from material

Although the towel rings is a small thing, consumers still have to pay attention to choose a good quality of products, or over a period of time you will have to replace the towel ring. Now the market's towel ring of material are mainly following kinds: copper chrome, stainless steel, chrome, aluminum chrome, etc. Among these materials, copper chrome products have effective prevent oxidation function, with rare discoloration. chrome-plated stainless steel towel rings are cheap, but the use time is relatively short .

2. Choose towel rings from coating

Coating for metal pendant is crucial and which is related to product life, finish, durability. Good toilet ring has glossy black coating and a moist feeling, and poor towel ring is relatively dim. Good coating is very flat, and if you have a close look at poor surface coating you will find that there are wavy ups and downs. There is definitely a surface depression on inferior towel rings products. Good coating relatively resistant, there is merely no surface scratches while inferior towel rings will have a dense scratches.

3. Choose towel rings from brand

If you want guaranteed towel rings, you’d better buy it with large brand. Towel rings from Toronto like DECORAPORT.CA are reliable and has nice price. Though, towel rings from Toronto may slightly dearer than common domestic towel rings, but a brand would give you a compare guarantee. So it is better to havebrand towel rings.

4. Choose towel rings from overall shape

There are three sanitary ware in the bathroom which take almost space of bathroom. So you need choose towel rings to match them. Customers can choose various towel rings. Considering the whole bathroom decoration style, you need choose the suitable color, material and shape.

DECORAPORT.CA is a famous company specialized in producing bathroom supplies especially bathroom product. Of course, towel rings it offers enjoy high reputation around the world. Towel rings Decorport Toronto are high quality and with a reasonable price. You won’t miss Toronto towel rings.


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