4 Cool and Creative Bathroom Basins for Your Home
2015-08-27 12:00:14 AM

Prisma and Vela Stone Basins

This basin is another unique creation of Bandini. It is made of moonstone and looks perfect from all the angles. You can get various views and make it more personal by placing it freely. It can be more considered as an artwork than a washbasin for your bathroom. So if you desire for unique design to highlight your personality with originality, it is your perfect choice.


Ebano Wooden Basin

If you love nature, then you will definitely love this Ebano Wooden Basin. It is shaped as wooden piece and made of classy materials. It is described perfectly as an elegant and creative basin. Ebano Wooden Basin is perfect for the bathroom which is used nature theme.


Cer Basin 

The first funky basin from Agape is used oak as its main material, and it has two colors, dark oak and light oak two colors. And another basin called Cheese also from Agape is made of marble and ceramic. With these basins, you can have a unique bathroom design of your own and make your bathroom a perfect room.



TUBB Basin

TUBB designed by designer FormIn Funktion is a stylish basin that is perfect for both commercial and domestic use. It is made of concrete and has a drainage transition piece. And the dimension of TUBB is 270 x 460 x 370 mm. Since it is made of concrete, it has a longer life than the basin with other materials. I would like to own one, for I am sure that it will play an important role to my home design.


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