New Fixtures Make Home Spa Possible
2015-08-27 2:10:30 AM

We have written an ariticle on adding fixtures to our exsiting shower panels to save water. Would you like to turn your daily shower into spa? Simply installing a shower spa onto your existing shower panel will fulfill your dream. This renovation will create a relaxing and therapeutic shower experience and offer you the chance to enjoy the invigorating water. There are various ways to reinvent the shower ways.

Using Multiple Shower Heads

There are several special designed shower-spa showerheads on market, but those showerheads are selling at a high price. Is there other similar showerheads that can produce the same spa mist effect and with an affordable price? Definitely, yes. However, you should broaden your choice range to those units with multiple heads, which can be placed at different heights so that each cell of your body can be sprayed. Moreover, the larger number of spray nozzles you choose, the better shower space effect you will get.

shower head

Using Steam Showers

The second method to achieve the same spa effect is using steam showers. The steam device can be solely purchased and then added up to the existing device. This method is even more attractive because it can create a particular space which is similar to those offered by spas and beauty solos. Compared to the costs in those places, the cost for purchasing steam shower can be negligible. But make sure that your floors, ceilings and walls are waterproof, don’t let the unique experience ruins your space.

shower head

Using Lights

Lighting is not as important as shower panels which have a direct impact on your shower spa experience. However, it still can add up your shower spa effect and provide a soothing glow for the room. 

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