Magic LED Mirror, Please Tell Me What I Should Wear Today
2015-07-22 9:35:37 PM

First let me introduce a type of products called Home Automation Device, which is a kind of smart home equipment make home furnishing rise to the " platform-level " . Smartie Mirro is such a product that it can let the lazy women discard piles of fashion magazines and become fashionistas while standing in front of the mirror.

LED mirror

Magic LED Mirror Highlights 1 : RFID Tags for Clothes


The primary task is to add all the clothes RFID tags. Because the magic mirror marks and identifies a mass of clothes through the RFID tag. The magic LED mirror will automatically scan users when they wear a dress standing in front of the mirror. And it will ask some questions, for example this dress is suitable for what kind of occasion. Then the information will be entered into the database in order to make a reasonable proposal in future.

LED mirror

Magic LED Mirror Highlights 2 :  Intimate and Intelligent Fashion Assistant


When user is standing in front of the magic LED mirror before going out, it will confirm his identity through facial recognition. Then it will ask the user destination, and it will provide some assortments about dressing according to the occasion, the weather and the user's personal preference. All the processes are controlled by voice. Is it sweet? It can also be connected to the user's mobile phone or tablet to synchronize schedules, and automatically push assorted information.

LED mirror

Magic LED Mirror Highlights 3 : " Platform " Style Home Furnishing makes you become a social talent in the mirror.


The home automated feature which can be most embodied by magic LED mirror is that it is not only a mirror, but also a huge electronic screen. Smartie Mirro can be used to view the user's schedule, weather information, social networking messages and emails, even you can video chat with friends .

LED mirror

Finally, if you have questions about how to clean and maintain the LED mirror, you can consult my earlier article

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