How to Clean and Maintain Glass Tiles?
2015-07-26 8:54:16 PM

Cleaning after installation

Before purchasing, you must already know the pros and cons of different sorts of tiles.  After installation, your space may be full of grout, dust and debris that can make scratches on your brand new glass tiles. So, the period after installation is the most important time for your cleaning.
1. cleaning
When mortar of the bonding layer and the pointing coagulates, you can start cleaning the surface of glass tiles. Two buckets are needed for cleaning, one is filled with cleaner, the other one is filled with clean water. First, dig your wag with detergent, do not squeeze it dry, and then wipe the surface of glass tiles in a circular way; Second dig your sponge with clean water, use sponge to wipe the surface of glass tiles, and then wipe off all the residue. Finally, wipe the surface with a sponge until glass tiles are clean.

glass tiles
2. check details
After all those tiles are installed, do one more check, use the soft wet brush to clean out the sand that left in the seam, for the part beyond the strip dividing joint use the cement and mortar to fill up, and then wipe with cloth. Last, cleaning after the mortar of the bonding layer and the pointing coagulates.
3. ventilation
After installing those glass tiles, pay attention to the protection of the finished product, suitably ventilation is preferred. The glass tiles just installed should be protected from sun exposure, and ventilation should be maintained until about 24 hours after the handover, generally the glass tiles maintenance shall be not less than seven days.

Care and cleaning for glass tiles

1. Daily cleaning for glass tiles

glass tiles

(1) wipe with cotton cloth
You can clean glass tiles with water and a good absorbent cotton cloth. Because the surface of glass tiles is relatively flat, not easy to hide dirt, so cleaning is convenient. In addition, you can use neutral brighteners to wipe, which can keep the surface of glass tiles shiny.
(2) scrub with cleaner
If it is the floor, and there is no drainage system on the ground, grab vacuum to do the cleaning, and then use wag dipped in detergent to do thoroughly cleaning.
2. Routine cleaning for glass tiles
There are several tips for your routine cleaning. First, prevent the glass tiles from heavy hits; Second, if some of the glass tiles take off, remember to patch with the same pattern tiles; Third, pay attention to regular cleaning, remember to clean at least once a week.

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