There is a lot to Consider while Buying a Soaker Tub!
2016-09-27 8:24:36 PM

Shopping for a bathtub can be a daunting process. There are myriad of choices for different types of tubs, and they can vary when it comes to expenditure, depending upon types of conveniences, or luxuries, you would like to access.

Soaker tubs are a very popular choice these days. They are slightly deeper, but also shorter, than conventional sized bathtubs and come in a variety of shapes. In addition, more often than not, these types of bathtubs are freestanding bathtubs.

The purpose behind the shorter length of this particular tub is to enable you to use less water when you fill it so that it will be thick enough for the entire body to be immersed. They are manufactured to precise specifications to give the maximum customer comfort. The tub should be easy to enter and exit, and will need to provide a restful nook for extended lengths of time while bathing. Some include a padded headpiece built into one end of the tub which will enable the bather to lean their head back while relaxing in the bath.


These tubs can be rectangular in shape; however, they are more commonly manufactured in a circular or oval shape. The reason behind the different forms is to create a comfortable and restful configuration for the bather.

Soaking bathtubs come in a variety of different styles, in addition to different shapes. The bottom can be flat, pedestal, or even claw-foot for customers who are looking for a tub of a particular design. There is the slipper-shaped tub, the heart-shaped, roll top, the double-ended and dozen more to choose from. During your search for the perfect bathtub, you will find a tremendous variety of shapes and designs to match the décor of any bathroom.

A stand alone tub can be placed in a corner of the bathroom, or, if you prefer, it can just be installed along a wall, as traditional bathtubs are positioned. Designers have now begun a new wave of creativity by placing them in the center of a bathroom, which is especially eye catching when the bathroom has windows on two or more walls.


Another decision that will be necessary as you search for a new bathtub is the type of fixtures you would prefer. There are a great many to choose from. Usually, the fixtures are sold separately from the bathtub, and there are hundreds of types of faucets to go with your new bathroom purchase. You will find fixtures that attach to the wall outside of the tub, a usually fitting choice for tubs in a corner of the bathroom, or against a wall.

Also available for purchase are fixtures that will attach to the tub wall itself, which are also called deck-mount faucets. They are usually installed on the top of the tub which allows more sitting room for the bather in a freestanding soaking tub. They can also be installed right into the tub wall. This type of hardware requires a small amount of drilling to be done in the bathtub itself. Also best for these kinds of baths are faucets that are installed into the floor of the bathroom anywhere outside of the tub. With this hardware, the tub itself is protected from any necessary drilling.

Freestanding soaker tubs can be purchased in a wide variety of finishes. They are available in the standard white porcelain, as well as acrylic. You can find them in stainless steel and various types of nickel. There are also bronze and brass, both polished and traditional.


Several different types of faucets are the waterfall, which is wider than the typical valve, has a rectangular appearance, and comes in various sizes. There is the classic twin tap where there are separate fixtures and faucets for hot and cold water. When matching accessories with your new tub, you will find that there is an unlimited number of styles to choose from. You can pick from several different types of handles as well. All hardware is purchased separately. Along with your other fixtures, you can buy a matching hand shower for the convenience of a shower without giving up the luxurious feeling of your standing soaker bathtub. You can choose to have the drain in the center of the container or on either end, depending on how the plumbing runs through your bathroom.

In addition to the conventional features that come with a bathtub, there are specific types that provide the option of air massage. Jets are installed around the wall of the tub that will gently send warm air out into the water to create bubbles give you a relaxing massage experience.

“Dressing up” the bathroom has become more and more accessible through recent years, and installing just the right bathtub is a significant part of that process. People now want their bathroom to become a focal point in the house. With the wide variety of tub styles offered by the retail community, there will always be something new to consider.

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