Enjoy Bathing with Soaker Bathtubs
2016-08-10 5:29:57 AM

Soaking tubs are a luxurious kind of bath tub which came into origin almost 25 years ago. These latest style bath tubs are designed to get entertained with numerous advantages that were never supposed to be gained while bathing.

What are Deep Soaking Bath tubs?

Style, worth and exceptional comfort is the second name of deep soaking bathtub. The bather can enjoy a bath while submerging into the water until the upper chest. The calm and sound effect of water makes a bather fresh whereas the seat provided in the deep soaker tub gives extra comfort and peace of mind to the bather. The seat provided in the bath tub reduces the amount of water required to fill up the tub.

These soaker bathtubs are most perfect for the small spaced bathrooms as their sizes are designed in order to match all sizes of bathrooms. There are certain bubble bath worthy tubs that are specifically designed for small spaced bathrooms.

Variety in Deep Soaking Bathtubs

A wide range of variety has been designed till now in freestanding tubs. Here we are going to discuss a few of them,

1.   Apron Curved-Shaped Soaker Tub

The dimensions of these kind of bath tubs are usually 5x30 inches. As the size shows they are the best form of space saving soaker tubs. The tub is attributed with curved lines that bring traditional as well as modern style to the bathroom.

2.   Standard Evolution Deep Soaking Tub

This type of bath tub are famous for the extra comfort they provide to the bather. The dual molded armrest and the comfy back support makes the bather to enjoy the height of relaxation while taking a bath.

3.   Archer Deep Freestanding Bathtub

Though this kind of bath tub seems quite narrower in size but the gentle curved base and beveled edges makes this tub different from other bathing tubs. It offers a 19 inches step over height which reduces the chances of water overflow from the edges of the tub.

4.   Vintage Styled Standard Stand Alone Tub

The standard size of 5x32 inches makes this stand alone tub a best example of traditional kind of bathroom interiors. The material used to manufacture this soaking bath-tub is reinforced acrylic fiberglass which attaches extra durability to this bath tub. Attributed with the backrest and apron front with extra ordinary depth makes this soaking bath tub a master piece of utility with comfort.

5.   Extra-Depth Free Standing Soaking Bathtub

As the name shows this is the deepest kind of bath tub which is supported with a 20 degree inclined back rest. There is a choice of deck height available in this kind of bath tub that ranges from 2-4 inches.

6.   Whirlpool Deep Spa Tub

Though the cost price of this kind of soaking bathtub is quite higher as compared to other bath-tub styles but the luxuries it offers are remarkable. This soaker tub is made up of high quality fiberglass which has an ever clean surface. Moreover, this soaking bath tub is attributed with a powerful motor of A 1.25 HP with six multi-directional jets to provide you the complete feel of a whirlpool. This kind of freestanding whirlpool  bathtub is your own home spa.

7.   Two-Seater Soaking Bath

After deep research the designers of this double seater soaking tub, developed the two seater deep Nirvana. The internal capacity of this two seater Nirvana is wide enough to entertain more than even two bathers at a time.

Specific Features of Freestanding Bathtub

Initially the free standing soaker tubs were made with wood material. Later on different innovations are introduced in these bath tubs and a new trend of soaking tubs was given where the wooden exteriors were used with a fiberglass interior. These kind of deep bathtubs represent a traditional outlook.

Slipper style soaking tubs were designed with a sloped surface either at one end or both the end of the bath tub. This shape becomes helpful if the bather wants to enjoy bath with a reclined sitting style. They provide extra comfort to the bather.

Installation Options of Stand Alone Tub

Basically there are three distinct options available for the installation of stand alone soaking tub. These are as under,

  • Alcove
  • Freestanding
  • Drop in style

Buying Guide for Soaking Bathtubs

While planning to buy a soaker bathtub, we recommend you certain suggestions that should be kept in mind before making a purchase. Some of the buying tips are as under;

  • Always make sure that the freestanding bathtub Canada is supported with slip resistant surface in order to enjoy a safe and secure bath.
  • Make sure that the stand alone soaking tub is attributed with air channels and anti-bacterial and highly smooth plumbing.
  • If the soaking tub is facilitated with the purge cycle for deep cleaning then it should be your first priority.

Enjoy a cool and relaxing bath and refresh your day with soaking bathtubs.

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