Low Flow Toilets
2015-10-02 11:27:57 PM

Low flow toilets are one kind of toilet using advanced techniques to achieve the purpose of saving water. There are two ways for water saving, the one is to save fresh water, the other one is to have water reused. Of course, low flow toilets have the same function as common toilet with both cleaning function and the function of transporting excrement.

There are three main types of low flow toilets:

The first one is pressure water-saving toilets which promote the rotation of the impeller by water energy to compress the air resulting high pressure that help do high strength cleaning work. This kind of work help achieve water saving. The container has a float valve to control the amount of water inside the container does not exceed a certain value.

The second one is no water tank toilets. The toilet has a funnel-shaped inside, no access outlet, flush lumen and deodorant elbow. Toilet’ outlet is directly connected with the sewer outfall. There is a balloon at the outfall part with liquid or gas medium in it. Outside the foot toilet, there is a pressure suction pump controlling the balloon which helps open and close the toilet outfall fall. This kind of low flow toilets need little water and with small size, low cost.

The third one is waste water re-use low flow toilets. It is mainly reuse the life waste water while focusing on the cleanliness of the toilet unabated.

All these low flow toilets have following advantages:

They can make fully use of life water waste and look no difference with same appearance, shape,size and operation. It also remain the original cleaning function and will not give out bad smell.

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